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Creative content through Video & Brand Design

Using engaging video and crisp design as a tool to captivate your audience and build brand awareness is more important than ever. The most effective way to maximize the impact of visual media is through emotional connection and effective storytelling. FRAAI creative productions is the one-stop source for all your branding needs that will strengthen your brand positioning, corporate image, and communications across all media.

FRAAI distills what makes your brand unique, makes certain your brand tells a compelling story, and will make your content shine.

Oswin Fraai runs FRAAI creative productions. He has studied Art Direction & Design and Digital Video Production in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

He started his career in Amsterdam as a Graphic Designer and grew over the years into a professional Art Director with a passion for film and design. He has been working successfully for several Advertising Agencies and Production Companies around the globe. It was in Los Angeles, USA, where he decided to set up his Freelance Business specializing in Filmmaking and Conceptual Design. He enjoys teaming up with a broad network of industry professionals to get the job done.

Oswin Fraai is a passionate Videographer, Editor, and Designer and owns an assortment of high-end equipment to meet the needs of any production.
His extensive professional experience and creative skills will bring your company’s unique vision to life and have it stand out from the crowd.


From initial strategic idea to final production. Fraai will make your brand look great.




A selection of successfully delivered creative content.

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Oswin Fraai
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